Speech, Reimagined.

Sanas is the world’s first solution for real-time accent translation.

Speech, Reimagined.

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Real-Time Accent

Our real-time accent translation technology allows speakers to speak in any accent they’d like without any noticeable lag.

Sanas sits locally in your device, meaning you are in complete control of when, how and where to use accent-translation.

Welcome to a world of increased understanding.

Who We Are

Sanas is a company built on one goal: helping the world understand and be understood. We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of accents but also recognize that mismatches can get in the way of comprehension.

We created Sanas after our own struggles with our own accents (Chinese, Spanish and Russian) and realized we could help everyone understand each other better, unlocking the true potential of global communication.

Speech, Reimagined.

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